Small Firm Roundtable

The Small Firm Roundtable Network supports the special and unique needs of small firms in the Central Oklahoma Chapter. The goal is to foster dialogue among peers while acting as a network to facilitate growth, understanding, knowledge, and professional relationships.

Architects and Intern Architects from small firms, typically 1-10 employees, are invited to join the Small Firm Roundtable. Questions? Email Melissa at

In a small firm, you wear all the hats. Yeah, it’s great to be hands-on with so many aspects of practice, but it can be challenging, too. This group is conceived to be a zero stress, low-commitment committee, because you have enough to do already. Wouldn’t it be nice to exhale and enjoy some time with others who face the same struggles – maybe just to have a social hour and a laugh? Or maybe you’d like to exchange ideas about succeeding with a small practice, or receive a project critique from your peers? Get in on the ground floor and help shape the way that this new committee brings value to its members.

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