Join us on January 12th for a Lunch & Learn by Fox Blocks.

Learning Objectives:

  • discuss how using ICFs, in residential and commercial construction projects, offersan innovative, simple, high-performance, and sustainable wall assembly
  • explain how ICFs, as energy efficient mass walls, enable lower operating andmaintenance costs than typical wood, masonry or steel conventional wall assemblies
  • discuss project management and construction advantages – efficiencies in design,construction, providing faster completion and occupancy rates
  • explain how the durability of an ICF wall provides safety and resiliency, offering asecure environment from weather events – fire, high winds, floods, and flying debris
  • explain building science characteristics of ICFs for the building envelope, enhancedthermal resistance, airtightness, and improved indoor air quality, facilitating theoccupant’s productivity, comfort, and well-being

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