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Chair: Branson Young, AIA of JHBR Architects
Rob Elliott, AIA of Elliott Architects
Shaun Elwood, AIA of Schwerdt Design Group
Jordan Hall, AIA of JHBR Architects
Hana Waugh, AIA

Melissa Hunt, Hon. AIA


The Citizen Architect uses his/her insights, talents, training, and experience to contribute meaningfully, beyond self, to the improvement of the community and human condition. The Citizen Architect stays informed on local, state and federal issues, and makes time for service to the community. The Citizen Architect advocates for higher living standards, the creation of a sustainable environment, quality of life, and the greater good. The Citizen Architect seeks to advocate for the broader purpose of architecture through civic activism, writing and publishing, by gaining appointment to boards and commissions, and through elective office at all levels of government.

Are you currently serving on a Board of Commission in your community?  Please let us know!

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