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Featured Architects

Branson Young, AIA of JHBR Architects

About Branson:   I have worked in architecture for a total of 21 years, with 17 of those years being at JHBR Architecture. Outside of the office, he enjoys live music, motorsports, spending time outdoors, traveling internationally, and tinkering with anything mechanical. Also a secret foodie, Branson is a recent vegan convert, who relapses with some fried chicken every now and then. (Follow Branson on Instagram @okcnosnarb and JHBR Architecture on Twitter @JHBROK and Instagram @jhbrarch)

What led you to the profession of architecture? It’s the intersection of art/creativity, science, making/working with your hands, problem-solving, and a bit of math. I’ve always enjoyed 4 of those 5.

What is your favorite building in Oklahoma and why does it speak to you as an architect? Right now I’m really digging the new Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center.  The texture and reflectiveness of the exterior metal and the way that the pattern of the metal panels is replicated in wood on the interior is very cool.  It’s a very opaque building, due to it being a museum, but natural light is allowed to permeate the space in public areas. 

In your opinion what does architecture and design bring to the community? I think the two are inseparable.  Good design creates interior and exterior spaces that can bring members of the community together, and build stronger bonds between residents/occupants.  The opposite is also true in that if we are not careful or conscientious, design can create divisions within the community. 

A little about JHBR: JHBR was founded in 1965 by Gene Jones, Ralph Hester, Bill Bates, and Bob Reik.  We specialize in healthcare, k-12, higher education, and corporate facilities.

What are your three favorite projects the firm has done and why are they your favorite?

Norman Regional Health System – Norman Regional Moore:  Moore, Oklahoma
After the EF-5 tornado on May 20th, 2013 destroyed the original Moore hospital, JHBR coordinated the efforts to maintain health care services in the area by helping install a temporary, modular facility while designing the new Norman Regional Moore facility. (Image provided by Norman Regional Health System)

Edmond Public Schools – Central Middle School: Edmond, OK
I have been a part of 5 different remodels and additions at Central Middle School starting early in my career in 2008, to most recently finishing the last project in 2020 that included a new secured entry, STEM addition, and safe room gymnasium. (Photography by: Branson Young, AIA)

Lincoln Plaza Hotel:  Oklahoma City, OK 1968
Lincoln Plaza was the first major project for JHBR.  The building came together on a much smaller scale than what was originally proposed.  In 2007, I was involved in the conversion to a Wyndham Hotel property.  Unfortunately, the 2008 recession hit right after construction started and the project went belly up.  Elvis stayed there, how cool is that?

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