Business Resources during COVID-19

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Business Resources during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 crisis, AIA Central Oklahoma is committed to ensuring that our members have the tools to stay healthy and are able to recover once the crisis passes. Below are links to various sites with resources and advice:

Posted July 28

Economic Impact of COVID-19: July 2020 Update

Design for Distance 


Posted July 16

Reopening America: Strategies for safer buildings

Posted June 30

Strategies for Safer Senior Living

Economic Impact of COVID19- June Update

Posted June 26

Oklahoma Business Relief Program

Posted June 1

Phase 3 Reopening Phase 3 

New law provides immunity from certain COVID-19 civil liability claims

Posted May 19

COVID19 Implications for Business

Returning to the Office: Tips and tools to help you prepare your workspace

Live Course: Supporting Parents Working from Home during COVID and Beyond 

Posted May 15

Reopening Phase 2 – OKC

Reopening Phase 2- State of Oklahoma

Posted May 11

AIA outlines how people can safely return to offices post pandemic

Posted May 4

COVID-19 Signage Needs by Digital Media Warehouse


Posted May 1

Architecture Firm Best Practices, Resources & Templates for Communications and Temp Policies in Response to COVID-19- By Architect, Evelyn Lee

Returning to the workplace after COVID19- What boards should be thinking about

Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 – The official PDF from OSHA

Maintaining a Comfortable, Healthy Workplace, solutions for safely navigating COVID-19 – WeWorks guide to what they are doing in their spaces

Posted April 30

OKC  – Mayor Holt New Proclamation and Sanitizing Requirements- Beginning May 1

Employer Guidance for Oklahoma’s Open Up and Recover Safely Plan – Administrative Offices

Posted April 28

Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Architectural Firms

How to Prepare for the Replenishment of PPP funds

Applying for an SBA Disaster Loan

PPP FAQs for Lenders and Borrowers

Posted Prior April 15

Economic and Industry Resources- AIA

AIAU Free Continuing Education

AIA Seattle Climate Summit (FreeWebinar) April 21

CARES: What Architects and Firms Need To Know (Recording of the Live Program)

Architect Standard of Care Relative to Site Visits During COVID19

Posted April 10

Best Practices for Firms from the Boston Society of Architects

City of Oklahoma City COVID19 Business Continuity Program 

Posted April 1

Payroll Protection Program Loan Fact Sheet

Payroll Protection Program Sample Application

How to Obtain a PPP Loan and Have It Forgiven

Posted March 29

How AIA Contracts Address Issues Arising From COVID19

Live Course: Economic Impact of COVID19

Senate Small Business Owners Guide to the Cares Act 

Oklahoma City Chamber Resources Page

Oklahoma Department of Health

Posted March 27

Governor Stitt’s Executive Orders

Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources

Message from Robert Ivy, FAIA

AIA National Resource Page

The AIA Trust Business Resources