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This course will give a background on where we are going as far as trends in the term “green building”. Over the past 15 years the built industry has been moving in a direction to understand and create stronger, longer lasting structures while consider environmental impact. The term that has been most used over this time is “green building” – well the thought process is evolving, and we are now thinking more in terms of science and facts. The terms more widely used now, and which provide a more specific focus , are sustainability and now resiliency … these terms, in my opinion, have more meaning than just saying green building. So let me provide you with a overview of this trend and what it means for our industry, the polymeric cladding industry.

Learning Objectives:
Learn about vinyl’s resiliency.
Learn about cladding and facades roles with sustainability and resilience.
Learn about material sustainability – and the environmental impact
Learn about environmental impact measures and how everything impacts the environment