Art By Architects Call for Entries

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Art By Architects Call for Entries

The American Institute of Architects Central Oklahoma Chapter is excited to host Art by Architects.. The exhibition will showcase artwork by members of the American Institute of Architects, Central Oklahoma Chapter and will be exhibited during Architecture Week 2019 next April.  The exhibition is open to all member of the AIA Central Oklahoma Chapter.

All entry forms and electronic submission must be received no later than February 15, 2019.  Each entrant may enter up two pieces of art for consideration.

All works must be submitted electronically, to be considered, via email or drop box.  Only submissions following the proper format as outlined below will be accepted.  Send the your artwork image in a JPEG format in a file no larger than 10 MB.  Email to with the subject line: Art by Architects by (your name). For example: Art by Architects by Jon Smith.

All submitted work must be original and have been created in the past five years.  All objects and installations must be designed to be exhibited on walls, on the floor or on pedestals.  Works to be hung from walls must be constructed and wired on the back to accommodate installation using appropriate hooks, eyes and wires.  Framing should be to professional standards.  Wall hung objects aren’t restricted by size but please consider the weight since they will be wall hung.  Sculpture and other 3rd dimensional media must be structurally sound and will be displayed on platforms, tables or on the floor.  All other media (e.g. digital media) are welcome to be submitted.  The artist must provide the floor area space requirements for its presentation as part of the entry form under “size” (example: “4’x5’ Projection screen, projector placed on 18”x18”x18” box 10’ away from wall.”).  The artist must provide the devices by which it will be displayed (e.g. projector, computer and screen, etc.).”

We are partnering with the Individual Artist Gallery (IAO) and the works will be insured against theft and loss while on display.

The AIA Art by Architects Committee will select the pieces for the show and notify the entrants no later than February 25, 2019.  Selected participants will then receive details for delivery and additional information on the exhibition.

The Art By Architects Exhibit will open on Friday, April 5th at the IAO Gallery and will remain on display at the gallery through April 26, 2018.

Melissa Hunt at 405-948-7174 or

Farooq Karim, AIA of Rees Associates
Chris Nuttle, AIA of Guernsey
Melody Stinson, AIA of Rees Associates